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Digital Marketing

At Dolphinox, we recognize that the ultimate objective of digital marketing is brand recognition and popularity. We endorse efficient services, including robust Social Media Marketing , digital marketing strategies and techniques. Our Target driven and client specified services are offered by our Professional team of webmasters and digital marketing services with well-versed as well as highly proficient to furnish cutting edge online based business branding.

Digital Marketing also referred to as Pay Per Click is an amazing way to specifically target potential customers with advertising that can be completely customized. From dynamic text search to geo-targeted display advertising, Search Engine Marketing helps to drive qualified traffic to your site! If internet is the key global based business platform today, then internet marketing or digital marketing service is imperative to explore this platform at the highest level. Dolphinox Technologies professional internet marketing services are based on decades of expertise and terrific knowledge in delivering you custom digital marketing services which provide support to extend the reach of marketing, sales, and distribution programs for digital goods into new markets or to targeted online communities, for a one-time effort or for strategic long-term campaigns.

The process of Search Engine Marketing begins by doing extensive research on your target market and beginning to understand the competitive landscape. Almost every keyword or term you may be interested in will have competition. This competition will not only change the price of the terms you’re bidding to be displayed for, but your competitors might be using a strategy to pay less and get more.

Pay Per Click  – Whether through Google, Bing or a third party source, Pay Per Click campaigns are extremely effective tools when managed correctly. Pay Per Click is all about tracking and accuracy, and can lead to great results! Trust our team to keep campaigns current, effective and measured.

Banner & Display Ads – A graphic based call to action can prompt customers to buy, inquire and click-through. With a talented mix of Search Engine Marketing and graphic designers, our team is well qualified to run any banner based campaign on either premium or affiliate based websites!

Video & Retargeting – More than just a hot-button term for today’s Search Engine Marketers, video advertising, like ads on YouTube for example, are fantastic ways of engaging with customers. Trust retargeting programs to continue to follow your potential customer around the web and to drive your message home!

Social Media Marketing – Social media network is a marketplace where people can share their opinions, experiences, perspectives and perceptions with others. Popular social mediums are message boards, blogs, audio and video, podcasts and wikis. Dolphinox is specialized in executing Social Media Marketing Solutions to help you amplify your brand presence, increase traffic, improve sales and in turn maximize the ROI. Social media marketing is an economical mode of advertising through social media channels and social media releases to attract massive amount of visitors to your website. Whether you want to sell your products, publish the business updates, press releases, Social media marketing is the powerful method that will earn you profits on a long run.