Timetable Management System for Schools & Colleges

Comprehensive Timetable Management Solution

Timetable creation for an institute is a complex job, which is bound by many governing factors. The Timetable should be in such a manner that the periods allocated to the teachers and classes fulfill certain criteria and constraints. E-Timetable is a comprehensive time table management solution for schools & colleges, which helps in overcoming the challenges. School timetable software provides an extremely simple interface to enter all subjects, classrooms, teachers, and their workloads. E-Timetable is a school timetabling program that efficiently handles daily substitution for teachers not available or absent. E-Timetable also takes care of account teacher leaves and teacher availability. Additional load is distributed in such a manner that all teachers tend to get a balanced workload.

  • Automatic Generation
  • Manual Adjustment
  • Grouping Subjects
  • One-Click Substitution
  • View Teachers’ Current Location
  • Online & Upload

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